The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Name: Damian Diomorte || Age: 24 || FC: Jackson Rathbone || House: Ex-Alumina || TAKEN

Damian is the elder brother of Diane. In past lives, the siblings were twins, but the past two incarnations he has been older than his sister. Damian and Diane are still as close as twins, even though seven years separate them now. He is the God of healing. He taught men medicine. It is impossible for him to tell a lie. He is gifted with music and a bow and arrow. He has been madly in love with Tabia for as long as he’s been around. All of his past incarnations have loved her, but he’s never been able to tell her. The pair work closely together as he runs the Hospital Wing.

  • Big brother of Diane Diomorte.
  • In love with Tabia Gallagher.

Name: Charles Devereux || Age: 23 || FC: Dominic Monaghan || House:Ex-Caomihe|| TAKEN

Charles Devereux is more commonly known as Charlie. He is the librarian at Blathnaid. Charlie’s power is to decide who will be sould mates on earth. It’s then his job to help them find each other. He enjoys his job immensely. He loves that he gets to help people find love. Charlie is kind and caring. He gets along well with Belle Watson who spends a lot of time in the library. They’d class each other as good friends despite her being a student and him not. He is 7 years older than her being 23 years old.

  • Interest in Belle Watson is more than friendship.

Name: Erlik Radke || Age: 19 || FC: Andy Biersack || House: ex-Sauda || TAKEN 

Erlik is set to work for Almonzo. Even though Almonzo is his boss, he and Erlik are friends. Erlik is greedy. Most of the time, he won’t do anything without the promise of some form of payment. Not much is known about his background. Even though Erlik has graduated, he sticks around the school as a teachers assistant. His specialty is transportation.

  • Dating Lena
  • Friend to Alomonzo
  • Friend to Morana

Name: Brom Lupa || Age: 18 || FC: Logan Lerman || House: Caoimhe || TAKEN

Brom is quiet and wise. He spends a lot of his free time sleeping, or alone. When he does speak he’s clever, charming, and funny, not that he knows it. Although he’s never spoken to her, Brom is drawn to Diane, and wishes to court her, in the traditional sense. He just hasn’t quite worked out how. Brom has the ability to see one’s dreams, and on some occasions, alter them. 
  • Has a crush on Diane.

Name: Moriarty Stefanovic || Age: 18 || FC: Andrew Garfield|| House: Sauda || TAKEN

Moriarty is a partier. He loves nothing more than to throw huge parties. He’ll do anything for a little fun. There is another side to Moriarty, however, and this is the side that got him into Sauda. While Moriarty can be very charming, fun-loving and loud, his other side is less forgiving. He has a brutal, unthinking rage. Thus, showing both sides that go with his power. Moriarty is lord of the vine. It is he who  invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes. Moriarty is good friends with Almonzo, but does not get along with Almonzo’s girlfriend, Morana, at all.

  • Good friends with Almonzo.
  • Like/hate relationship with Morana.