The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Name: Lena Lunaris || Age: 16 || FC: Taylor Momsen || House: Sauda || TAKEN 

Lena is the younger sister of Celeste. Some say that Celeste has used her powers of insanity on Lena, causing her to go insane. But those are just rumors, or are they? Lena would be nocturnal if she could, not that she needs much sleep to begin with. Even though  she’s scary and not quite right in the head, Lena is very outgoing and loves partying. Still, she is drawn to darker things. Lena also has a certain fondness for music and a bit of a temper.

  • Younger sister of Celeste Lunaris
  • Dating Erlik Radke

Name: Erlik Radke || Age: 19 || FC: Andy Biersack || House: ex-Sauda || TAKEN 

Erlik is set to work for Almonzo. Even though Almonzo is his boss, he and Erlik are friends. Erlik is greedy. Most of the time, he won’t do anything without the promise of some form of payment. Not much is known about his background. Even though Erlik has graduated, he sticks around the school as a teachers assistant. His specialty is transportation.

  • Dating Lena
  • Friend to Alomonzo
  • Friend to Morana

Name: Aleksander Wallace || Age: 18 || FC: Alexander Ludwig|| House: Sauda || OPEN

Aleksander is bloodthirsty and deadly. He loves fighting and women-his two favorite things. While Aleksander is brave in battle, he is a coward when it comes to most other things besides brute force. He isn’t really comfortable without a large crowd surrounding him. While he may seem like an idiot on the outside, Aleksander is actually smart, and knows how to plot accordingly. But that doesn’t stop him from being the stereotypical bully.

Name: Alecto, Megaera (known as Meg by her sisters) and Tisiphone (known as Tish by her sisters) || Age: Unknown || FC: Helena Bonham-Carter, Katie McGrath and Jodelle Ferland || House: NA || TAKEN, TAKEN and OPEN

Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone make up a group of deities known the ‘Erinnyes’ or the ‘Furies’. No one really knows web or where they come from. They just know not to mess with them. The Furies aren’t quite spirits, nor are they human nor god-like. They just are. They punish “crime”, perusing wrong doers relentlessly, until death. Often driving them to suicide. While no one knows how old the sisters are, Alecto takes on the form of the oldest (but is the middle sibling), Megaera takes on the form of the middle sibling (but is the youngest) and Tisiphone takes on the form of the youngest (but is the oldest). Alecto prefers to drive her victims insane by taking on the form of a wounded (or disappointed) mother figure. Megaera is a damsel in distress, and Tisiphone loves to take on the form of terrifying images. Her favourite a burning little girl.

Name: Moriarty Stefanovic || Age: 18 || FC: Andrew Garfield|| House: Sauda || TAKEN

Moriarty is a partier. He loves nothing more than to throw huge parties. He’ll do anything for a little fun. There is another side to Moriarty, however, and this is the side that got him into Sauda. While Moriarty can be very charming, fun-loving and loud, his other side is less forgiving. He has a brutal, unthinking rage. Thus, showing both sides that go with his power. Moriarty is lord of the vine. It is he who  invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes. Moriarty is good friends with Almonzo, but does not get along with Almonzo’s girlfriend, Morana, at all.

  • Good friends with Almonzo.
  • Like/hate relationship with Morana.

Name: Morana Moirai || Age: 16 || FC: Liz Gilles || House: Sauda || TAKEN

Morana loves her job. She is the youngest of the Moirai sisters, and it is her job to end a person’s life. She wields the scissors, and she cuts the thread. She’s been known to cut a person’s thread to early. Morana loves the power that comes alongside being what human’s refer to as Death. Unlike her sisters, Morana uses her power to control those around her with fear.

  • Dating Almonzo Vader.
  • Younger sister to Evelien and Rosaline Moirai.
  • Friends with Persephone Styx.
  • Frenemies with Helena Dione.

Name: Aldric Vader || Age: 17 || FC: Zac Efron  || House: Sauda || OPEN 

Aldric is Prince of the Sea. His weapon is a trident, which can shake the earth, and shatter any object. He is second only to Anton in power. Aldric has a difficult quarrelsome personality. He is greedy, jealous and vain. Aldric is a ladies man and will do anything to get the attention of women. While he and Helena are an item around school, Aldric is also sleeping with Rhea.

  • Dating Helena Dione.
  • Younger brother of Almonzo and Anton Vader.
  • Having an affair with Rhea Demeter.

Name: Persephone Styx || Age: 16 || FC: India Eisley || House: Sauda || TAKEN

Not much is known about Persephone’s past. She doesn’t like talking about it. She and Morana have a mutual understanding of each other. They’re allies, almost friends. Persephone mostly keeps to her self. She’s quiet, and secretive. Persephone sticks to the shadows, and deals in secrets. Quite nearly a living shadow.

  • Ally to Morana Moirai.

Name: Helena Dione || Age: 18 || FC: Megan Fox || House: Sauda || Reserved

Helena is the embodiment of love, desire and beauty. In addition to her natural gifts she has a magical attraction that compels anyone she wishes to desire her. She is spoilt, bratty and vain. Sneaky, cunning and clever, Helena will silently plot your downfall from afar, before striking and taking all that you love. Helena has a string of lovers, her current flame being Aldric Vader.

  • Dating Aldric Vader.
  • Frenimies with Morana Moirai. 
  • Hates Rhea Demeter.
  • Enemy of Evelien Moirai.

Name: Almonzo Vader  || Age: 21 || FC: Alex Pettyfer || House: Sauda || OPEN

Almonzo is a vindictive spirit. His main goal in life is to make all miserable. He and Morana are tied at the hip, Death and the Prince of the Underworld - Bringer of Death. While Almonzo doesn’t control death like Morana, he carries out her bidding, in many ways like her second in command, and one day will run the underworld in his father’s place. Almonzo thinks of himself very highly and loves to control the younger students of his house. He is a greedy man who is greatly concerned with increasing his subjects. Those whose calling increase the number of dead are seen favorably. Almonzo has left school, but is a teaching assistant at Blathnaid.

  • Dating Morana Moirai.
  • Elder brother of Anton and Aldric Vader.
  • Close friends with Moriarty Stefanovic.