The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Kazza Rants: Underaged Roleplayers and Smut


This is more of a compilation of thoughts, rather than a rant per se. I also have a feeling that what I’m about to write is an unpopular opinion, but I think it deserves to be addressed nonetheless.

Smut is a big part of roleplaying, there’s no denying it. And quite a few roleplayers, on Tumblr and elsewhere, are underage. Recently, I had a 13-year-old apply for an RPG I admin. Said RPG also allows smut and mature themes. Considering the fact that I do feel the admins have a certain kind of responsibility, I had to think long and hard about whether I should accept the player or not. I ended up accepting her because her writing was good and she understood the character, but only after checking to make sure if she was okay with there potentially being smut and cursing on the dash. Not to mention how the smut isn’t too frequent, even though it does exist.

There are different levels of maturity, but when I was 13 years old, I barely knew what sex even was. In this recent situation, I felt almost motherly and protective, and both my co-admin and I agreed that we would be extremely uncomfortable with such a young person actually parttaking in roleplaying smut themselves, on our watch. We’d have to cross that bridge when we came to it. We also considered things such as the matter of parental permission.

It might sound hypocritical and grandmother-ish, but children do grow up much too fast these days. A 13-year-old is a child, and should be allowed to act like one. There is time to be mature and do adult things later in life. I believe roleplaying can be a factor contributing to maturing too soon, depending on how early you start and what kind of roleplaying you do.

There’s also a legal aspect. I’m 22 years old, and I’ve made the decision not to roleplay smut with someone who is under 18. Because technically, it would be illegal for me to do so. And I do feel it’s my responsibility to say no, not the underaged roleplayer’s, just because I need to be the person who knows better. Not that the risk of anyone reporting me to the police is that big, but it’s still there. If I were a parent checking my 13-year-old’s computer and finding out they’re roleplaying smut with a 22-year-old, however, I’d report them instantly. No matter how “innocent” it really might be.

If two underaged people roleplay smut with each other, that’s a different matter. But someone who is an adult could technically be convicted for pedophilia for doing so with a person who is still a child by law.

Of course, these are difficult matters, which don’t have one right answer. But I do feel they’re worth thinking about, especially when you’re an “older” roleplayer. You can’t just stick your head in the sand and claim no responsibility.

Came across this and thought I’d post it. This echos my opinion, I’m not sure about the other mods. 


Hey all, just letting you know that you are allowed to have a max of two characters, IF you think you can keep up with them all and not favour one over the others.

Mod TL xoxo

Please keep your gif posts to 3 and your para posts to 2, just to keep the dash clean.

Meaning, if you’re having a gif war with someone, there should only be three gifs in a post at a time (yours, theirs and yours), and with paras there should be their post followed by your reply.

… A cluttered dash.

- ModTL (the tumblr nazi)

A lot of people have been asking about the ages of the “Gods”. I made this up to help. Basically five Earth years equal one “God” year.


  • Almonzo Vader: 21 (God Years) 105 (Earth Years)
  • Morana Moira: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Moriarty Stefanovic: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Aleksander Wallace: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Erlik Radke: 19 (GY) 95 (EY)
  • Alecto: UNKNOWN (But middle of the three sisters, looks the oldest)
  • Megara: UNKNOWN (But youngest of the three sisters, looks like the middle)
  • Tisiphone: UNKNOWN (But oldest of the three sisters, looks the youngest)


  • Evelien Moirai: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Anton Vader: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Helena Dione: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Persephone Styx: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Aldric Vader: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Rhea Demeter: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Anabella Valentine: 15 (GY) 75 (EY)
  • Ariella Winters: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Rochelle Sterling: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Celeste Lunaris: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Sol Brightman: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Charles Devereux: 23 (GY) 115 (EY)
  • Erica Skarsgard: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Rosaline Moirai: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Emmaline Guin: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Blanche Laurent: 15 (GY) 75 (EY)
  • Egan Braldwood: 35 (GY) 175 (EY)
  • Belle Watson: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Brom Lupa: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Diane Diomorte: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Aria Braldwood:30 (GY) 150 (EY)
  • Echo Gallagher: 27 (GY) 135 (EY)
  • Tabia Gallagher: 22 (GY) 110 (EY)
  • Maddalena Magnat: 62 (GY) 310 (EY)
  • Issie Cohen: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Damian Diomorte: 24 (GY) 120 (EY)

NOTE: These ages may not seem like much, but the “Gods” have had multiple lives. The “Gods” do “die” but when they “die” they basically regenerate (to borrow a term from DW). When they “regenerate” they become younger and start of as a thirteen year old again. They retain their memories and past life experiences. Their faces stay the same.


The mods have been very lenient with enforcing the rules, but that changes today. As of today if you don’t have your account to us in 36 hours or you do not make a post in 48 hours, you will be given a warning. If this goes another 24 hours, your role will be reopened.

Just a friendly reminder to track your URL. Don’t forget to tag them either!

Hello to all of those auditioning.

Please remember to read the rule very carefully. There will be important information in there you do not want to miss. Especially when it will help you with your audition.


  1. Be active! Updates daily are always awesome, but we all have schedules that are different. If you are inactive for a total of five days, you will be sent a warning. Seven days of inactivity means that your character will be reopened. This of course is excused if you let one of the moderators know that you will be absent for x amount of days. 
  2. Be literate. This means that we want to see well written, well thought out, grammatically correct writing. We understand that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors happen, there’s probably some on this page right now, but we encourage you to try your best and to write organized, well thought out paragraphs. 
  3. Paragraphs > Conversations. This is an RP where paragraphs are encouraged over conversations (gif wars). We have no issues with convo’s, but we would prefer that each RPer has at least one active para at all times. 
  4. Keep yourself canon at all times. While you are free to choose what your character does, all characters have canon personalities and they must be followed. If you are unsure whether your character would act in a certain manner, feel free to message one of the mods and we will clear up any confusion.
  5. Do not ignore RPers. Try to para and hold convo’s with EVERYONE your character would talk to in canon. This does not mean we expect you to hold ten para’s at once, but please make sure you RP with a variety of people. Example; An RPer only interacts with her boyfriend. You will be sent a warning, and if the behavior continues, you’ll be asked to leave.
  6. Tag your posts. To prevent from missed replies and dropped RP’s, we ask that you tag each reply with that characters URL (removing dashes if there are any). Please also specify if your reply is a ‘para’ or a ‘convo’. Example; tags to Evie would be tagged ‘thespinner’ and ‘para’. Simple, quick and it makes the mods happy ;) 
  7. Track your blog name. This makes it easy to keep on top of all those posts you’ve been tagged in! So, Rosa would search her tag “theallotter” and then click the “track” button.
  8. Limit your OOC posts. We have the OOC group for this reason. We don’t want everyone’s dashes muddled up with OOC conversations. There is a link available to the OOC Facebook group where you may talk with anyone freely about anything, all OOC. There are also ask boxes for this.
  9. USE THE OOC GROUP. We’re all friends here and all three Mods want to get to know you. We want you to know our names and we want to know yours. Also, put the phrase fates, where it asks if you have read the rules on the application, after you have finished reading the rules of course. We encourage making friends and conversing with all the other RPers OOC. You may ask to join the group after you get accepted and we will remind you in your acceptance letter.
  10. Feel free to RP mature themes. But please put any and all smut or trigger paragraphs under a ‘read more’ and tag it. This keeps those who do not wish to par take in the smut or have triggers, from having it on their dash and it is greatly appreciated. With that being said, you will be sent a warning if any of the mods find you are ignoring normal para’s and only participating in smut. After one warning, if the constant smut continues, you will be asked to leave the group. 
  11. No OOC drama. This is a major issue and we have all seen it tear apart great RP’s. If you have an issue with another RPer, PLEASE come to one of the mods and let us know. The issue will be civilly dealt with, without bringing the issues to the attention of every other participating RPer. 
  12. Absolutely no god modding. All three mods are serious about this, it will not be tolerated. If an RPer is god modding please address the issue by bring it to the attention of one of the three moderators. This is to avoid OOC drama as much as possible.
  13. Open up that ask box! We need to be able to send you things every now and then. Easiest way to do so and keep it private; your ask box. Not only that, part of the fun is sending and receiving ‘letters’ from your fellow classmates. Open that box up, do it, it’s a good thing.
  14. 24 hours time limit.Once you’ve applied and been accepted you have 24 hours to send us a link (through the ask box please) to your characters blog. If we receive no link, your character is reopened

NOTE: If you are planning to quit, please tell one of the Mods first. We’d like to know why you want to quit, as if there is a problem, we would love to fix it for you and have you stay a part of the family.