The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Name: Helena Dione || Age: 18 || FC: Megan Fox || House: Sauda || Reserved

Helena is the embodiment of love, desire and beauty. In addition to her natural gifts she has a magical attraction that compels anyone she wishes to desire her. She is spoilt, bratty and vain. Sneaky, cunning and clever, Helena will silently plot your downfall from afar, before striking and taking all that you love. Helena has a string of lovers, her current flame being Aldric Vader.

  • Dating Aldric Vader.
  • Frenimies with Morana Moirai. 
  • Hates Rhea Demeter.
  • Enemy of Evelien Moirai.

Name: Anton Vader || Age: 18 || FC: Daniel Radcliffe || House: Alumina || RESERVED

Tony is a sweetie. He holds the power of the sky, and one day, will rule the skies. Lightning, rain, thunder, wind, you name it, he can control it. Tony is well rounded at school and enjoys playing sports. He is friends with many, but has only one best friend. Evie Moirai, who also happens to be the love of his life. Tony has a wicked sense of humor and is always cracking jokes. He tries to keep Evie laughing, as he thinks she takes things too seriously sometimes. He’s liked her for years, but will this be the year he finally tells her about his feelings?

  • In love with his best friend Evelien Moirai.
  • Younger brother of Almonzo Vader
  • Elder brother of Aldric Vader.