The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Kazza Rants: Underaged Roleplayers and Smut


This is more of a compilation of thoughts, rather than a rant per se. I also have a feeling that what I’m about to write is an unpopular opinion, but I think it deserves to be addressed nonetheless.

Smut is a big part of roleplaying, there’s no denying it. And quite a few roleplayers, on Tumblr and elsewhere, are underage. Recently, I had a 13-year-old apply for an RPG I admin. Said RPG also allows smut and mature themes. Considering the fact that I do feel the admins have a certain kind of responsibility, I had to think long and hard about whether I should accept the player or not. I ended up accepting her because her writing was good and she understood the character, but only after checking to make sure if she was okay with there potentially being smut and cursing on the dash. Not to mention how the smut isn’t too frequent, even though it does exist.

There are different levels of maturity, but when I was 13 years old, I barely knew what sex even was. In this recent situation, I felt almost motherly and protective, and both my co-admin and I agreed that we would be extremely uncomfortable with such a young person actually parttaking in roleplaying smut themselves, on our watch. We’d have to cross that bridge when we came to it. We also considered things such as the matter of parental permission.

It might sound hypocritical and grandmother-ish, but children do grow up much too fast these days. A 13-year-old is a child, and should be allowed to act like one. There is time to be mature and do adult things later in life. I believe roleplaying can be a factor contributing to maturing too soon, depending on how early you start and what kind of roleplaying you do.

There’s also a legal aspect. I’m 22 years old, and I’ve made the decision not to roleplay smut with someone who is under 18. Because technically, it would be illegal for me to do so. And I do feel it’s my responsibility to say no, not the underaged roleplayer’s, just because I need to be the person who knows better. Not that the risk of anyone reporting me to the police is that big, but it’s still there. If I were a parent checking my 13-year-old’s computer and finding out they’re roleplaying smut with a 22-year-old, however, I’d report them instantly. No matter how “innocent” it really might be.

If two underaged people roleplay smut with each other, that’s a different matter. But someone who is an adult could technically be convicted for pedophilia for doing so with a person who is still a child by law.

Of course, these are difficult matters, which don’t have one right answer. But I do feel they’re worth thinking about, especially when you’re an “older” roleplayer. You can’t just stick your head in the sand and claim no responsibility.

Came across this and thought I’d post it. This echos my opinion, I’m not sure about the other mods. 



A lot of people have been asking about the ages of the “Gods”. I made this up to help. Basically five Earth years equal one “God” year.


  • Almonzo Vader: Hades and Thantos
  • Morana Moira: Atropos (The Fates)
  • Moriarty Stefanovic: Dionysus
  • Aleksander Wallace: Ares
  • Erlik Radke: Charon
  • Lena Lunaris: Nyx
  • Alecto: Alecto (The Furies)
  • Megara: Megara (The Furies)
  • Tisiphone: Tisiphone (The Furies)


  • Evelien Moirai: Clotho (The Fates)
  • Anton Vader: Zeus
  • Helena Dione: Aphrodite
  • Persephone Styx: Persephone
  • Aldric Vader: Poseidon
  • Rhea Demeter: Demeter
  • Anabella Valentine: Clio (The Muses)
  • Ariella Winters:  Calliope (The Muses)
  • Rochelle Sterling: Melpomene (The Muses)
  • Celeste Lunaris: Phoebe
  • Sol Brightman: Helios
  • Charles Devereux: Eros
  • Erica Skarsgard Calypso


  • Rosaline Moirai: Lachesis (The Fates)
  • Emmaline Guin: Athena
  • Blanche Laurent: Hestia
  • Egan Braldwood: Hephaestus
  • Belle Watson: Urania (The Muses)
  • Brom Lupa: Morpheus 
  • Diane Diomorte: Artemis
  • Aria Braldwood:Euphrosyne (The Graces)
  • Echo Gallagher: Thalia (The Graces)
  • Tabia Gallagher: Aglaia (The Grace)
  • Maddalena Magnat: Metis
  • Issie Cohen: Themis
  • Oliver Laertes: Odysseus
  • Damian Diomorte: Apollo

A lot of people have been asking about the ages of the “Gods”. I made this up to help. Basically five Earth years equal one “God” year.


  • Almonzo Vader: 21 (God Years) 105 (Earth Years)
  • Morana Moira: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Moriarty Stefanovic: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Aleksander Wallace: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Erlik Radke: 19 (GY) 95 (EY)
  • Alecto: UNKNOWN (But middle of the three sisters, looks the oldest)
  • Megara: UNKNOWN (But youngest of the three sisters, looks like the middle)
  • Tisiphone: UNKNOWN (But oldest of the three sisters, looks the youngest)


  • Evelien Moirai: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Anton Vader: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Helena Dione: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Persephone Styx: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Aldric Vader: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Rhea Demeter: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Anabella Valentine: 15 (GY) 75 (EY)
  • Ariella Winters: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Rochelle Sterling: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Celeste Lunaris: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Sol Brightman: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Charles Devereux: 23 (GY) 115 (EY)
  • Erica Skarsgard: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Rosaline Moirai: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Emmaline Guin: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Blanche Laurent: 15 (GY) 75 (EY)
  • Egan Braldwood: 35 (GY) 175 (EY)
  • Belle Watson: 16 (GY) 80 (EY)
  • Brom Lupa: 18 (GY) 90 (EY)
  • Diane Diomorte: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Aria Braldwood:30 (GY) 150 (EY)
  • Echo Gallagher: 27 (GY) 135 (EY)
  • Tabia Gallagher: 22 (GY) 110 (EY)
  • Maddalena Magnat: 62 (GY) 310 (EY)
  • Issie Cohen: 17 (GY) 85 (EY)
  • Damian Diomorte: 24 (GY) 120 (EY)

NOTE: These ages may not seem like much, but the “Gods” have had multiple lives. The “Gods” do “die” but when they “die” they basically regenerate (to borrow a term from DW). When they “regenerate” they become younger and start of as a thirteen year old again. They retain their memories and past life experiences. Their faces stay the same.

Hello to all of those auditioning.

Please remember to read the rule very carefully. There will be important information in there you do not want to miss. Especially when it will help you with your audition.


It is the year 2028, and below the clouds, World War III rages. Evelien distresses as less threads are drawn, and those that are, to violence. Rosaline loses less and less sleep as many threads are measured shorter than the last. Morana is wickedly delighted at the use her scissor are getting.

While the students of Blathnaid don’t know much about the politics of the war, they cannot help but interfere. Some of them want to help end the war. Others find the fighting amusing and will do anything to assure it continues. After all, to them, humans are merely pawns in a deadly game of chess.

But this is is their job. The students aren’t interfering, they’re doing what they were born to do. The students at Blathnaid are the Gods of this world. Born to run the show. The Furies are finding jobs wherever they go. Morana and her friends plot, cutting threads at the perfect moment, to ensure the battle continues. Evelien works with Rosaline and everyone else she can get, hoping to create the perfect hero to end the war.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented


  •  Alumina: Aluminans are bright, well rounded students. They enjoy being in school and learning. They’re often considered to be “snobby” and “control freaks” by the other houses, but are very brave people who just want to be the best they can. Their “mascot” is an owl and their house colours are blue and silver.

  • Sauda: Saudanites are into the darker arts. They’re very cunning and quiet. Most of them prefer to keep out of the spot light and plot to themselves. However, many dark wizards and witches have come from this house and have been anything but silent. Their “mascot” is a black panther and their colours are black and bronze.

  • Caoimhe: People from the loyal house of Caoimhe are very loving and caring. There aren’t many well known witches and wizards that have come from Caoimhe, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good as their sister houses. Their “mascot” is the beaver and their colours are orange and gold.

School goes from year 1-8. Students graduate when they’re 18.

Classes at Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented

Core Subjects:
History of Magic
Potion making
Spell Casting 
Orbing- the power to teleport a being with the use of Orbs. When someone orbs, they turn into a swarm of blue and white orbs that rise upwards, or sink downwards, depending on the direction the being is going.

Fifth Years and Up (Have the choice of two electives chosen from below): 
Astral Projection- the ability to project your consciousness into an astral form outside the body. When a person astral projects, their physical body falls to the floor, slumps over or remains still until they return. While in “astral mode”, powers are dormant.
Telekinesis- Moving objects with the mind.
Scrying- Using a crystal to find someone who’s lost.
Metal Bending
Nature Spells and Magical Botany  

Students also have three hours of private study a week in their specialty area.

Sides/Master List