The date is May 1st 2028. below the clouds, World War III rages. While we can't help but focus on the happenings down on Earth, we are mainly here for those that control the circumstances below.

Welcome to Blathnaid School of the Magically Talented. Here we play home to the numerous personages you would most commonly know of as "Gods" and "Goddesses". Here we educate those who control life as you know it.

Nearly everyone is working against each other to make sure what they want happens. Plots are ruined, plans destroyed. Will the war continue, or will good win over?

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The Three Sisters

Name: Makinley Tilden  || Age: 18 || FC: Mila Kunis  || House: Alumina  || OPEN 

Makinley doesn’t have a particularly useful power. Well useful to anyone but her. Whenever Makinley decides to dance, anyone who happens to wander by and see it would be “under her spell”. Rosa is particularly annoyed by Makinley as her best friend Shane was once put under this “spell”. Basically being put under Makinley’s spell would mean that she could manipulate you into doing nearly anything. You can fight it, but it’d be rather hard, and it’d piss Makinley off. Rosa and Makinley have never and will never get along. Makinley actually liked Shane and it was because of Rosa that Shane fought against her power. Rosa thinks that it was Makinley who somehow caused Shane to go missing.

Name: Madame Maddalena Magnat || Age: 62 || FC: Julie Andrews || House: Ex Alumina || OPEN 

Madame Magnat is the Headmistress of Blathnaid. She is a very proper and sophisticated lady, but won’t take trouble from anyone. Maddalena was once a very beautiful woman, and still is very elegant, but her greatest asset her her wisdom and brains. She will always be there to help out a student or teacher in need.

Name: Echo Gallagher || Age: 27 || FC: Isla Fisher || House: Ex Caoimhe || OPEN

Echo is the middle Gallagher sister. It is said tht the Gallagher sisters were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and good will. Echo and her sisters have no particular power or ruling but are very gifted when it comes to music and dancing. Echo is also very talented with working with plants and nature; and teaches ‘Plants and Magical Botany’.

  • Younger sister to Aria Braldwood
  • Older sister to Tabia Gallagher

Name: Aria Braldwood || Age: 30 || FC: Nicole Kidman || House: Ex-Alumina || OPEN

Aria Braldwood (Née Gallagher) is what is known as a “Grace”. She has two younger sisters, Echo and Tabia who make up the trio known as the “Graces”. It is said that the Gallagher sisters were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and good will. Aria and her sisters have no particular power or ruling but are very gifted when it comes to music and dancing. Aria is also very talented at orbing, which is why she has the position of orbing professor. Aria is a very motherly, sweet and kind woman.

  • Married to Egan Braldwood. 

Name: Anabella Valentine || Age: 15 || FC: Sierra McCormick || House: Alumina || OPEN

Anabella (Ah-na-bell-ah) is often known as the “smarty-pants”. Because of her gift, she can remember everything she’s every done, experienced, read.

She could tell you the story of “The Creation” word for word without even looking at a book. With no mistakes. It kinda freaks some people out. Usually close-minded people with gifts that aren’t really interesting.

While many people would like Ana’s gift, many others say she doesn’t deserve to be at the school because her talent “isn’t good enough”. This doesn’t upset her though. She knows they’re just jealous because she’s the smartest in the school.

  • Good friends with Blanche Laurent

Name: Alecto, Megaera (known as Meg by her sisters) and Tisiphone (known as Tish by her sisters) || Age: Unknown || FC: Helena Bonham-Carter, Katie McGrath and Jodelle Ferland || House: NA || TAKEN, TAKEN and OPEN

Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone make up a group of deities known the ‘Erinnyes’ or the ‘Furies’. No one really knows web or where they come from. They just know not to mess with them. The Furies aren’t quite spirits, nor are they human nor god-like. They just are. They punish “crime”, perusing wrong doers relentlessly, until death. Often driving them to suicide. While no one knows how old the sisters are, Alecto takes on the form of the oldest (but is the middle sibling), Megaera takes on the form of the middle sibling (but is the youngest) and Tisiphone takes on the form of the youngest (but is the oldest). Alecto prefers to drive her victims insane by taking on the form of a wounded (or disappointed) mother figure. Megaera is a damsel in distress, and Tisiphone loves to take on the form of terrifying images. Her favourite a burning little girl.